Are you wanting to binge-watch Netflix movies with Tunnelbearbut still want to be protected online?

Having access to Netflix as part of a VPN package is like an icing on the cake, except that every subscriber wants to have a taste of that icing.

Well, it’s true. If you subscribe to a VPN, you want to remain anonymous while browsing the web for your protection. At the same time, you also want to enjoy access to your paid online services without interruption.

Let’s see if a VPN provider like TunnelBear unblocks Netflix.

Can I Access Netflix Using TunnelBear?

This is a very tricky question since some reports say yes, some say no. To find out for ourselves, we tried connecting to Netflix using a TunnelBear server and got this message:

tunnelbear not working with netflix

To verify whether it’s true or not, we went to the TunnelBear website looking for possible solutions. They outlined general troubleshooting steps that can unblock some websites. They did not mention if this would work for Netflix, but we tried them nonetheless. The first step was to make sure that the connection was ON. To do this, we went to bearmysip and confirmed that the IP address showing there was the same IP address on the TunnelBear app. To refresh the setting, we switched the connection ON and OFF for a few times. We restarted our phone to make sure that the device does not obstruct the connection. We tried to open Netflix again…same error message.

We did other troubleshooting steps like clearing cache, cookies, and browsing history. They worked for several sites; we were hoping it would do the same with Netflix. Again, we were unsuccessful.

We thought that the Incognito mode could finally get us through. But that didn’t help either.

We gave up. Going back to the question if we can access Netflix using TunnelBear, maybe for some, yes, but in our case, no.

Why Does TunnelBear Not Always Work With Netflix

To be fair, TunnelBear is not the only VPN provider that cannot access Netflix. This problem is prevalent with other providers too. We’re not sure if knowing this will make you feel better or will stress you out even more.

So, why does TunnelBear not always work with Netflix?

To answer this accurately, let’s take a look at how VPNs work.

When you are connected to a VPN, your data is routed to one of its servers located anywhere. The server alters your IP address, which conceals your real IP address for your protection and anonymity. Even if you are outside the US but connected to a US server, Netflix thinks that’s where you’re located, and will grant you access to their site.

But the problem is, Netflix keeps an eye on IP addresses released by unauthorized VPN providers. When detected, it will blacklist your IP address and restrict your access.

Netflix is a giant streaming-service company with over 148 million paid subscriptions worldwide. Obviously, blocking VPNs is a business strategy. The company will not let any technology jeopardize its earning potential by giving free access to anyone outside its location.

If you want to watch Netflix while traveling, you can try connecting to other US servers. If this will not work, contact TunnelBear technical support and ask them to give you a different IP address that can bypass the Netflix firewall. The new IP address might work for some time, but not all the time.

As mentioned earlier, Netflix is notorious for detecting unwarranted crawls. It’s like the Eye of Sauron from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy; no one can endure its terrorizing gaze if you know what we mean.

Best Alternative to TunnelBear to Access Netflix

After exhausting all means and still find yourself back to square one, maybe it’s time to switch your VPN provider.

Here are some of the VPNs that show more reliability in unblocking Netflix:


With more than 3000+ servers spread across 160 locations, ExpressVPN can generate as many as 30,000 IP addresses instantly. This number is too much for Netflix to keep an eye on. Its global presence also means that you have plenty of servers to connect to, and more opportunity to crack into Netflix’s defense.


NordVPN has 12 million subscribers worldwide, a great testament to its reliability and experience. It has more than 5,000 servers in 60 locations, which means that you will have more chances of unblocking Netflix. NordVPN has the decent speed necessary to enjoy streaming services in six devices working simultaneously.


CyberGhost has a user-friendly interface that makes connecting to a VPN server very easy. It has more than 3,700 servers scattered in 61 regions. It offers unlimited bandwidth which makes watching and downloading movies on Netflix hassle-free.


While we commend TunnelBear for its excellent encryption capability, it has a lousy reputation in unblocking geo-restricted sites.  Its limited number of servers makes it easy for Netflix to detect which IP addresses come from them. With only a few servers to rely on, the fact that TunnelBear can occasionally break into Netflix’s defense is already very impressive.

If you can’t access Netflix while using TunnelBear, you can try the troubleshooting steps mentioned above. If nothing works, contact their customer support and see if they can give you another IP address. Doing any or all of these steps has no guarantee that you will successfully penetrate Netflix’s great wall.If you are wanting to binge Netflix but TunnelBear isn’t cooperating, switching to a more reliable provider is the best solution. For a complete list of the best VPN to watch Netflix, check out our blog here.

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