TOP VPN Reviews of the Most Popular Paid and Free VPNs

Сhoosing a VPN among the most popular ones is not an easy task. That’s why we do TOP VPN reviews of the most popular VPNs. With them, you can decide whether a particular popular VPN fits your requirements (and budget) or not. Here’s how we review a VPN:

First of all, to check its developer for trustworthiness, we research the company. We need to know how it makes money and where the business is located. The laws it’s in compliance with, help us define whether a company has a safe jurisdiction to maintain servers without any regulations from the country’s government.

We determine which encryption protocols the VPN uses and explain to you whether they are safe. We check the VPN app for malware and possible IP and DNS leaks with the help of software and special services.

When reviewing a VPN’s pros and cons, we consider several things. First of all, the user interface and design. If the application looks good and it’s easy to understand how to use it, the VPN deserves a big plus from us. We often contact the support of the VPN to look at how responsive they are and how they would handle our issues. We also test connection speed and accessible servers in other countries. Support of torrent and Netflix, and, of course — the cost and other features are the things we scrutinize during the VPN reviews.

Based on the research, pros, and cons we noted, we create a summary that points out our conclusion. That’s how we review a VPN.