VPN FAQ and Guides

We’ve put together all our FAQs, articles, and guides about VPN services in this category. Discover budget-saving tips and tricks, ways to access the new content, and much more. But first of all, let’s quickly answer the most popular VPN FAQ — what is a VPN?

In a nutshell, it is a service that securely expands your internet experience. It all starts with encryption. A VPN encrypts your web traffic with a high-level protection protocol. After this, nobody can access it. Then it connects your device to an external server, which can be in another country. A VPN routes your traffic through this server, omitting your local Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP only sees the cipher, which they cannot understand. An advanced VPN can also provide access to geo-blocked content by connecting to servers in the countries where this content is reachable.

In the VPN FAQ, we cover different topics. The most popular are questions about the privacy and security of your data. For example, whether it’s possible to be tracked with a VPN and what happens if the police catch you using a VPN. We answer these questions honestly and provide news about recent data leaks and extensive guides on protecting your private data.

Our guides will help you use the VPN to its fullest potential. Explore the best ways to cheaply listen to Spotify’s music and find out how a VPN can stop annoying ads. And, of course, discover how to access Netflix US with the help of a VPN. And much more.