Netflix, being the leading global media provider, doesn’t have an amicable relationship with VPNs, including popular ones like NordVPN. The streaming giant is notorious for blocking connection from VPNs and is actively doing so. This had led many a subscriber to wonder if they can still use NordVPN to get Netflix. 

As a content streaming service, Netflix is adamant in ensuring that certain content is made available to subscribers within specific countries. Netflix Australia may have different content from Netflix Canada and Netflix US.

The science behind Netflix’s control of geographical access is relatively simple: It checks on the IP address of the devices that attempt a connection, and blocks when they are detected to originate from countries that are not eligible for the content.

VPNs have proven to be a decent solution to circumvent Netflix’s tight control on access. It masks the user’s IP address with those of the VPN server in the same country where the particular Netflix server is. 

But, Netflix has wisened up and has been blocking IP addresses that belong to VPN providers. It soon becomes a cat and mouse game between Netflix and providers like NordVPN. 

NordVPN has tried to stay on top of the game and, when the news broke that Netflix US was blocked on Android boxes, TV, and Firestick, subscribers were bound to be worried. Did that spell an end to using NordVPN to access Netflix content from a specific region? 

Such an inconvenience can be a blow when you’re travelling abroad and hope to catch your favorite series on Netflix via NordVPN. But is access to Netflix totally cut off on NordVPN? Or Is there hope to sneak through the gatekeeper on Netflix’s server? 

We decided to find out if NordVPN is still working fine for Netflix. You’ll want to be certain before signing up to a popular VPN that is known for its Netflix-friendly servers. In this article, we’ll cover the following:

Can NordVPN Unblock Netflix?

Most people aren’t aware that Netflix has different sets of libraries in the 190 countries where the service is offered. Notably, Netflix US has the largest collection of movies and TV shows, while in other countries they may have a differing and smaller range of titles.

Copyright laws play a part in the content offered in different countries. While Netflix is a popular platform to stream movies, it does not own the copyrights for some of its titles. Except for contents that are exclusive by Netflix, the copyrights of movies and TV shows are owned by their respective production studios.

These studios may have exclusive arrangements with other broadcasting or media partners in their respective countries. This explains why you can’t access certain movies or shows when you’re travelling abroad.

You could argue that such an arrangement is unfair to you. But the reality is, studios need to be profitable, and that means barring access to similar content that is provided by Netflix elsewhere. 

If you’re aware, you’ll always be directed to the Netflix homepage of the country that you’re in. In order to bypass the geographical restriction, the consensus is to use a VPN and alter your IP address.

Such tactics have been workable for most VPNs in the past. But since Netflix has become better in detecting connections originating from VPNs, most of the providers have run out of luck with the media giant; often leaving subscribers frustrated.

Thankfully, despite the recent scare with Netflix banned on TVs and Firestick, NordVPN remains a reliable VPN to access major Netflix servers in the world. When connecting to VPN servers specified by NordVPN, you’ll gain unhindered access to your favorite Netflix movies.

What’s equally important is the connection speed offers by NordVPN, which edges most of the VPNs in the market. Getting a VPN with decent connection speed is essential as it allows uninterrupted streaming on Netflix. 

NordVPN Servers That Are Netflix-friendly

As we’ve mentioned, the struggle to keep NordVPN servers Netflix-friendly is an ongoing effort, as Netflix is persistent in barring access to all VPNs. Thankfully, you’ll still have access to some of these popular Netflix libraries.

  • Netflix US – use NordVPN servers that are not in Canada, Japan, Germany, UK, France, and Italy.
  • Netflix Canada – use NordVPN servers in Canada
  • Netflix Japan – use NordVPN servers in Japan
  • Netflix Germany – use NordVPN servers in Germany
  • Netflix UK – use NordVPN servers in the UK
  • Netflix France – use NordVPN servers in France
  • Netflix Italy – use NordVPN servers in Italy

When you’re connected to NordVPN servers in Canada, you’ll appear as a user in Canada trying to access Netflix Canada. As the traffic is seen to originate from the country, you’ll successfully connect to Netflix Canada. The same applies to other Netflix servers listed above.

Keep this article bookmarked, as the list of servers may change as Netflix and NordVPN continue to slug it out. We’ll keep the list updated to reflect the current status of Netflix NordVPN servers.

How to Connect to Netflix via NordVPN

Connecting to Netflix via NordVPN is relatively simple. Of course, you’ll first need to have a Nord VPN client app installed on the PC or the devices you’re using. 

Nord VPN doesn’t offer free VPN subscription, but you’ll have your back covered with their 30-days money-back guarantee when signing up to any of its plans. With that said, NordVPN has one of the lowest rates amongst the top VPN providers.

Follow these steps to download and connect to a Netflix NordVPN server.
1. Go to on your browser and click Pricing on the menu.

nordvpn pricing page

2. Select your preferred subscription plan.

3. Key in your email to create an account.

4. Choose a payment method and complete the transaction.

5. Activate your account from the email.

6. Download NordVPN for your desired device. We’ve downloaded NordVPN for Windows as we’ll be accessing Netflix from our PC.

7. Launch the NordVPN client program and enter your credentials.

8. Connect to a NordVPN server in the country where you’ll want to access the Netflix content. In this case, we’re connected to a NordVPN server in the US.

9. Key in in the browser and you’ll be directed to the Netflix operating in the country of the connected NordVPN server. We’re now connected to Netflix US and able to access its library of movies and shows.

What if NordVPN Not Working with Netflix

In some cases, you may have difficulty accessing Netflix even when you’ve connected to the right servers on NordVPN. Such incidences may be due to local information stored in your cache, which can be resolved easily.

Follow these steps to overcome cache issues:

  1. Clear all the cache files in your browser. 
  2. Restart the NordVPN client software.
  3. Manually configure the DNS on your device with NordVPN DNS ( and 
  4. Restart your computer or device.

Additionally, you may also want to try accessing Netflix on incognito mode. This prevents the browser from accessing cache files which may contain information pointing to your physical location.

Note that NordVPN doesn’t support Netflix access on TV devices. 


While NordVPN does not allow access to Netflix on devices like Firestick and Android boxes, it still allows unhindered access on popular platforms like PC, iOS, and Android phones. Netflix in major countries has been proven to be accessible with NordVPN. 

On top of Netflix access, NordVPN is one of the top VPNs that will ensure that your privacy is protected. You don’t have to go without your favourite shows for weeks when you’re travelling abroad. 

NordVPN is an inherently secure VPN and one of the most affordable around. There’s no reason to not sign up for NordVPN, particularly if you’ve had problems connecting to Netflix wherever you are.

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