VPN Unlimited Review

You don’t always get a VPN that offers a lifetime subscription. In this VPN Unlimited review, we’ll go beyond the marketing gimmicks of this VPN and find out if it’s worth parting your hard-earned money for lifetime access.

VPN Unlimited is one of the services offered by Keep Solid, a US-based company specializing in security and productivity solutions. Here are some quick facts on VPN Unlimited.

  • It operates with 400+ servers in 80+ locations. 
  • VPN Unlimited supports up to 10 devices on its premium plans.
  • Downloads are available for popular platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome, and Firefox. 

You’ll also get a free 7 days trial and a 7-days money-back guarantee policy if you sign up for its paid plans, which are quite reasonably priced. VPN Unlimited offers two tiers of pricing which limits 5 or 10 devices respectively. 

VPN Unlimited Pricing (5 Devices)

  • $9.99 per month for 1-month
  • $5.00 per year for 1-year (billed $59.99)
  • $2.78 per year for 3-years (billed $99.99)
  • $199.99 for lifetime access

VPN Unlimited Pricing (10 devices)

  • $14.99 per month for 1-month
  • $7.50 per year for 1-year (billed $89.99)
  • $4.17 per year for 3-years (billed $149.99)
  • $299.99 for lifetime access

Both the trial version and premium versions of VPN Unlimited are identical in features and speed. We decided to download the VPN and check out if it lives up to its claims.

KeepSolid VPN Review

We’ve been disappointed by a good number of VPNs in the past, but testing out VPN Unlimited is a rather pleasant experience. Let’s kick off with a good number of positives of this VPN.


1. Industrial-Grade Encryption and Protocol

VPN Unlimited uses AES-256 encryption, which is the minimum acceptable standard for VPNs. AES-256 is practically unbreakable even if the attackers are using the brute-force technique.

The VPN also uses OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols to transfer data within the VPN connection. Besides that, the company also develops a proprietary KeepSolid Wise protocol, which is an extension to the OpenVPN. It increases the ability of the VPN to bypass internet firewalls in countries like China. 

You’re able to manually select the protocols or allow the app to choose the optimal protocol. 

2. No Virus Found

We tested VPN Unlimited on Windows by downloading the installer from VPN Unlimited’s site. To ensure that no malware or viruses are infecting our PC during the installation, we did a quick scan and got a satisfactory result.

vpnunlimited virus check

3. No IP/DNS Leaks

For a VPN that prides itself on its security and anonymity, we expect no issues of IP, DNS or WebRTC leaks, which would expose our locations in one way or another. 

We connected to a server in the US and it’s reflected from the result in ipleak.net. It would be worrying if our original IP, which is in Malaysia is shown in the test.

vpn unlimited ip leak test

There are no instances of WebRTC leak either.

vpnunlimited webrtc leak test

We could also confirm that VPN Unlimited is free from DNS leak issues.

vpn unlimited dns leak test

4. Decent and Consistent Speed

VPN connection speed, or rather the lack of, is what ruins most reviews we’ve done on otherwise decent VPNs.

Various parameters, such as the internet connection, location of the servers and traffic could affect the speed test result.

But generally, a speed test gives a good picture of what to expect from a VPN. As for VPN Unlimited, we’re blown away.

Here’s a connection to an ISP in Malaysia without a VPN.

vpnunlimited speedtest malaysia

Connecting to a server in a neighboring country, Singapore results in a barely noticeable drop in downloads.

vpnunlimited speedtest singapore

We thought the speed would suffer greatly when we connect to a server in the UK, but the drop is acceptable.

vpn unlimited speedtest uk

Connecting to a random server in the US surprisingly yields a marginally better result.

vpn unlimited speed test us servers

And here are the numbers after we’re connected to a Netflix US server, which leads us to suspect that our internet speed is being throttled by the ISP.

vpn unlimited test of netflix us servers

VPN Unlimited is one of the few VPNs that produce consistent and high-speed connections in the industry. 

5. Netflix Access

Can you watch Netflix on VPN Unlimited? We’re aware that Netflix has been clamping down hard on VPNs and some providers failed to outsmart the streaming giant. 

vpn unlimited us netflix test

As for VPN Unlimited, we’re pleased that its sole US Netflix server, grants us access to the US library.

6. Strict No-Logging Policy

When you’ve placed your trust in a VPN provider, you’ll want to be assured that none of your browsing activities and personal details are logged when you’re connected to the VPN.

You’ll find that VPN Unlimited has dedicated a rather detailed section on its Privacy Policy for VPN users. 

It specifically states that none of your login credentials, IP address, and browsing activities are logged after you’ve terminated the connection.

vpnunlimited logs policy

We’ve combed the fine print and found nothing suspicious. 

7. Easy To Use

There’s nothing fancy on the VPN Unlimited app. On the Windows version, you’ll find a quick-connect button once you’ve logged in to the app.

vpnunlimited windows login screen

The server list is well-organized and you could quickly access dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting.

vpnunlimited server list

Advanced settings such as the kill switch are listed in the configuration menu.

vpn unlimited configuration menu

We like how VPN Unlimited is keeping its app simple and the same layout is replicated in the Android app. 

8. Live Chat Support

If you’re stuck with VPN Unlimited, you could reach the customer support personnel with live chat, ticket submission, and email. 

The live chat isn’t available 24/7. You’ll need to check out if the live chat button appears on the bottom left of VPN Unlimited’s site instead of the Support button.

We managed to get our questions answered by the personnel promptly.

vpnunlimited live chat support

A 24/7 live chat is ideal, but we’ll settle with VPN Unlimited’s effort in providing responsive support. 


While we’re generally pleased with VPN Unlimited, there are some areas that bug us when we’re reviewing the VPN.

1. Conflicting Stands On Torrenting

You’ll find that VPN Unlimited projects itself as the ideal VPN for torrenting. There are pages dedicated to using VPN for torrenting hoping to get P2P users on the board.

vpnunlimited for torrenting

But hidden in its FAQ is a statement on torrenting that tells a different story. VPN Unlimited suggests that torrenting is secondary and there are instances where the speed of P2P users are throttled.

vpnunlimited torrenting

The contradictory remark is the first thumbs down from us for an otherwise impressive VPN.

2. Not the Best Jurisdiction

KeepSolid, the company that owns VPN Unlimited is a US-based company. The US is a member of the 5-Eyes treaty, where member countries share intelligence.

VPN Unlimited may be subjected to the prying eyes of government agencies or legally requested to submit its stored data in court. 

As VPN Unlimited practice a strict no-log policy, it couldn’t hand over data that directly links its users to internet activities on the VPN.

Still, being headquartered in the US could troubles some VPN users.

Does VPN Unlimited have a lifetime subscription 

Unlike other VPNs, VPN Unlimited offers lifetime subscriptions for long term users. A single payment of $199.99 allows connecting 5 devices to a single account while $299.99 will increase the limit to 10 devices.

The lifetime subscription is also backed by the 7-days money-back guarantee policy.

VPN Unlimited Android

VPN Unlimited is available for Android, and here’s a quick guide in getting the app installed on your device.

1. Open Google Playstore and search “VPN Unlimited.” Select the result that bears the company “KeepSolid Inc”

2. Install VPN Unlimited.

3. Sign in with Facebook or Google to activate your trial account.

4. VPN Unlimited will attempt to connect to an optimal server. Choose “Always Allow” when prompted.

vpn unlimited android connect

5. You’re now connected to VPN Unlimited and have access to its features.

Is VPN Unlimited Safe

We have no reason to believe that using VPN Unlimited will place your device and personal data at risk.

It has a clearly-worded no-logs policy where none of your credentials, IP address, and browsing activities are stored.

The fact that VPN Unlimited is based in the US may unnerve some users, but it couldn’t handover something that the company doesn’t have.

We’ve tested VPN Unlimited for IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks and the result has been satisfactory. Also, there isn’t any hint of the app sneaking malware into your device. 

VPN Unlimited is a safe and good VPN to have. It excels in almost every crucial department for a VPN.

Also, the subscription is affordably priced, matching some of the best VPNs in the industry. VPNs with such consistency and speed in connections are rare. 

Our verdict?

VPN Unlimited is worth subscribing, including getting lifetime access. Sign up to VPN Unlimited now to stay secure online.