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Ah, Spotify – where would more than a hundred million music lovers around the world be without it?

But how much more are some music lovers paying than they really need to for their subscription?

We’re talking about students, here – students who haven’t yet taken advantage of Spotify’s Premium Student deal.

It offers a 50% discount on Spotify’s usual premium subscription, but there’s much more to it than that, as we’ll see shortly.

Spotify’s Free Service

Spotify offers a free service that many users find perfectly adequate – that’s if they don’t mind regular ad-break interruptions while they listen to their chosen music. 

There are other limitations, as well: free service users can’t download their favorite Spotify tracks to listen to offline, or play them on-demand on mobile devices.

But with over 35 million tracks to choose from, even with those ad breaks Spotify’s free service is a definite bargain!

Spotify’s Premium Services

Spotify’s premium service lets individual subscribers:

  • Download tracks for offline listening
  • Enjoy nonstop music without any ad breaks
  • Play music on-demand on smartphones and other devices
  • Enjoy Spotify’s radio service, and even … 
  • Watch music videos!

Not only that, but the sound quality is much higher than that of Spotify’s free service.

Family Premium

For families, Spotify offers a Family Premium service – a discounted subscription for up to six family members living at the same address. 

When it comes to Spotify’s family plan, students might well be able to join in… but then they’ll miss out on a couple of serious bonuses.

Each person has their own individual premium account, meaning there’s no need to share login details.

The whole family can get exclusive access to their Family Mix – a playlist based on the tastes of everyone on the plan so they can enjoy listening when they’re all together.

And for parents concerned about music that’s just that little bit too explicit for younger family members, there’s always the option of controlling access to such material.

Premium Duo

Another Spotify service you might not have heard about yet is Premium Duo – a discounted subscription plan for two individuals living under the same roof, whether as a couple or if they’re just sharing the same address. 

It’s currently being tested in Latin America and Europe, but for now, we can’t give you any confirmed launch date in the US.

There’s also Spotify Corporate – offered as a perk by employers.

For many employees, it’s totally free, while for others there’s a substantial discount on the premium subscription rate, and it’s also offered by some internet and cellular providers.
But what we’re looking at here today is Spotify’s Premium Student deal – possibly the best Spotify discount of them all – and here’s why.

Spotify Premium Student

OK, so what is Spotify’s premium student discount deal – and why is it so great? 

It offers students Spotify’s premium service for individuals (so that’s one at a time, no couple or family discount here) – but at just half the going rate.

And there are a couple of added advantages student subscribers get, which families, couples and Spotify Corporate subscribers wish they could get too:

  • Access to Hulu
  • Access to Showtime

Hulu subscriptions cost $5.99 a month if you’re happy to put up with commercial breaks, or $11.99 a month if you’re not.

Showtime’s subscriptions cost $10.99 a month, but you can get a few dollars off with the annual subscription rate of $109.90.

Then again, you can get a lot more dollars off Hulu’s and Showtime’s subscriptions when you sign up for Spotify Premium Student because you get both of them for nothing.

That’s right – they’re completely free.

And with more than 35 million songs available plus two huge selections of TV shows and movies to choose from, what’s not to like about Spotify student premium?

The only downside we can think of is that there aren’t enough hours in the day to enjoy it all – even if there wasn’t classwork to consider.

How to Grab Yourself a Spotify Student Premium Subscription

So… how to apply for all these goodies?

First off, you need to be 18 or over and be a student enrolled at a US Title IV accredited college or university. And to sign up:


2.Enter your 

  • Name
  • Date of birth 
  • The educational establishment you’re attending

3.Supply a valid payment method

This is so Spotify can confirm you’re in the US, and start processing payments when the time comes.

And if you’re not a student, don’t think you can get away with a false application: Spotify’s student verification process is handled by a third-party service.

How Long Does Your Spotify Student Premium Subscription Go On For?

Spotify students renew their subscription for a maximum of four times.

That’s once a year for four years at college or university, but be warned – if you don’t renew each year, the rate effectively doubles and you’ll find yourself paying the full individual Spotify premium rate.

And once you graduate, you’ll also graduate to a full-price premium subscription.

How to pay for Spotify’s Premium Student service

Here's the good news – your first 3 months of student premium are totally free – as long as you haven't signed up to try Premium before. That gives you enough time to discover for yourself that you really can't live without Spotify and your free Hulu and Showtime subscriptions.  After that Spotify will automatically start taking monthly payments of just $4.99.

What If You Want to Cancel?

If, for whatever reason, you feel you don't want everything Spotify Student Premium has to offer, simply cancel your subscription via your account page, with no hard feelings on either side.  

You can always return to Spotify either as a free service user or a premium service subscriber, but don't expect another three-month free trial period.


Spotify premium student is a great deal, but if you're not a student and you want to know how to get a cheap Spotify premium account, then you should definitely check out How to Get a Cheap Spotify Premium.

There, you can discover how you can get yourself an equally great deal so you, too, can join Spotify’s premium music lovers – and at the right price!

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