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Are you wondering how to use NordVPN for downloading files through torrents? Why is it necessary to use NordVPN for torrenting in the first place? Is NordVPN even the right choice in VPNs (Virtual Private Network) for torrenting? If you’re new to torrenting and P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file-sharing, then these are all good questions well worth investigating.

Why Use NordVPN?

Before we go over the steps on how to use NordVPN for torrenting, it would be prudent to obtain a good understanding of why torrent users should consider doing it in the first place. Only then can you appreciate what NordVPN does for you and whether there’s any point to what you’re trying to do.

As you may already know, torrenting has garnered somewhat of a negative reputation since its inception due to issues with piracy and copyright infringement. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with torrenting as it’s the most efficient means of sharing large amounts of data with one another, issues can arise from the type of files being shared — movies, applications, music, books and the like. Most of these files are copyrighted material, and by sharing them with other users through torrenting, people can infringe on the copyright of others. 
If you’re reading this, then you may have heard stories of people torrenting and getting sued because of it. Consider one judge ruling in 2011, ordering two defendants by the name of Margozata Frazyk and Mariusz Pralat to pay jointly $20,000 to the plaintiff who was 10 Group, Inc. (A California-based consultancy firm). The defendants had allegedly downloaded and distributed the plaintiff’s copyrighted works without authorization through the use of torrenting software.

Simply put, downloading and sharing copyrighted material is illegal and punishable by law. Companies can go through great lengths to protect their IP (Intellectual Property). These companies are not above employing means to monitor the activity of torrent users and pursue legal action against individuals who’ve violated their copyright. 
If you want to make sure that you don’t run into any trouble due to your torrenting activities, then you will need to use some kind of Internet technology that would make it impossible for ISPs and other third parties to see your activities online. This is precisely what NordVPN and other VPN services can do for you.

How to Start Torrenting with NordVPN 

Now that we have established the significance of using NordVPN for securing your torrenting activities, how do you go about using it? Fortunately, it’s not at all complicated and something that just about anyone can implement even with limited technical knowledge about VPNs.

Before downloading files using any torrenting software, consider the following steps:
1. Create an account: First, you will need to create an account with NordVPN. Prices start at $3.49 per month for a 3-year plan with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Complete the sign-up process to get a username and password which you’ll need to access the VPN service.

2. Download Nord VPN: Next, you will need to download NordVPN’s app and install it to your device where you’ll be torrenting from. Click on the “VPN Apps” link on the top menu of their webpage. Choose your device operating system, click on “Download” and complete the installation process.

3. Open the NordVPN app: Open the NordVPN app and key in your login credentials.

4. Select the correct server: NordVPN has specialized servers that cater to torrenting. To use one of these VPN servers, simply click on “P2P” under Specialty servers on the top-left menu. The app will then automatically connect you to the nearest P2P VPN server along with a prompt stating that your connection is now secure. At this point, you can now safely carry on with your torrenting activities.

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5. Add the NordVPN Kill Switch: As an added precaution, you might want to add your torrenting software to NordVPN’s App Kill Switch. Doing so will automatically close your torrent program if the VPN connection goes down and your device switches to an unsecured connection. Just click on the Settings menu at the top and click on “Add more applications” under App Kill Switch.

add killswitch to nordvpn

How does NordVPN compare to other Top VPNs for Torrenting?

Now you might be wondering — why use NordVPN specifically? Aren’t there a lot of other VPN companies out there? While that’s true, only a few of them are suitable for torrenting, and some do a better job than others. It’s safe to say that NordVPN is one of the better ones out there and for a good reason. 

To determine what makes NordVPN suitable for torrenting and how it compares with its competitors, let’s go over the following criteria:


Torrent users all want to complete their downloads as quickly as possible. This makes speed a vital criterion for choosing a VPN service for torrenting. With NordVPN, there’s no need to worry.

nordvpn p2p connection

It offers stable and above-average speeds that put it on the same level as the other top VPN companies on the market, such as ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access.


Security is just as important when choosing a VPN for torrenting. Many VPN companies employ weaker security protocols to optimize server speeds. Fortunately, that is not the case at all with NordVPN. 

As one of the most reputable names in the VPN business, NordVPN hides your real IP address and employs 256-AES encryption which is currently the gold standard for data security. So much so that the US military and financial institutions use the same encryption to protect data and communications. NordVPN users can expect that any information about their torrenting activity will remain undecipherable to ISPs and other third parties.

Another factor that NordVPN has going for it is the fact that the latter is a Panama-based VPN company. This puts the VPN company beyond the jurisdiction of International Intelligence communities and applicable data retention laws. Therefore, NordVPN is under no pressure to log the activity of its users nor turn them over to any law enforcement agency.


Of course, the price is another crucial factor when choosing a VPN for torrenting. After all, the reason why people engage in torrenting is to save on cost. Hence it doesn’t make much sense to spend a significant amount of money on a VPN subscription for torrenting. Fortunately, NordVPN is one of the more affordable premium VPN services out there.

NordVPN charges $11.95 per month, which is about the average for premium VPN services. Other VPN companies, such as VyprVPN and ExpressVPN, charge more at $12.95 per month.  

As mentioned earlier, it’s also possible to cut the cost down to as low as $2.99 per month by signing up for a 3-year plan. This makes a NordVPN subscription a good investment, especially for users that will continue to rely on torrenting over the long-term.

Is it Safe to Torrent with NordVPN?

NordVPN is indeed an excellent choice for a VPN if you’re looking to continue using torrents while keeping all of your personally identifiable information safe. They are among the few VPN companies on the market that offer servers specifically for torrenting.

Apart from implementing the most reliable encryption protocols in the VPN business (AES 256), NordVPN also offers many useful features such as the App and Internet Kill Switch that ensures users will never leave themselves exposed when torrenting.

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So there you have it — everything that you need to know about using torrents safely with NordVPN. Thanks to it, you can safely download anime or malayalam movies torrent. As you may have already realized, it’s not at all difficult to get NordVPN up and running to secure your torrenting activities. As with all other premium VPN services, users will need to pay for a subscription, but most people would agree that it is a small price to pay for considering the possible implications of torrenting through an unsecured connection.

If you’re looking for an affordable VPN service that offers features that cater specifically to torrent users, then you cannot go wrong with NordVPN.

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