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If you haven't heard of Kodi yet, you might think that it's the new kid in town. Surprisingly, Kodi has been around since 2002, when it was simply known as Xbox Media Player. In 2003 until 2014, it took the name Xbox Media Center. Now, Kodi is an emerging name in streaming media technology. It offers a free and convenient way to store, organize, and watch content on various devices. In this blog, we will discuss how you can maximize the use of this open-source software. We will also establish if a VPN like Private Internet Access (PIA) can work with Kodi.

Why Use a VPN for Kodi?

Kodi was created to playback local video content in different formats. When you rip a movie from another source, you can watch it in HD format using Kodi. It can also stream all your pictures, songs, and other files stored in your local library. When you play a file from your device storage and not online, you don't need a VPN.

Kodi also lets you stream, download, and record movies and TV shows while online. Streaming movies while connected to the Internet invites potential risks. There’s always the possibility that your privacy and security will be breached if you go online unprotected. A VPN masks your IP address and prevents any party from prying on your activities. It helps in making your Kodi experience more fun and with fewer worries.

Does Private Internet Access (PIA) Work with Kodi?

Just like any other streaming service provider, Kodi has security loopholes that can be exploited by unscrupulous individuals in cyberspace. Using a VPN like Private Internet Access for Kodi can protect you against various forms of online threats.  

Private Internet Access works perfectly with Kodi. It blocks any party from tracing your location, stealing your data, and messing up your device. When you go online and access Kodi's streaming service, you are confident that nobody's watching you.

To maximize the software's features, you can download add-ons online. There is a slew of third-party add-ons to choose from. They help in personalizing the background and enhancing the quality of the video. Whether you need a screensaver, weather forecaster, or video converter, you can find an app from Kodi's list of add-ons. When you go online to download these apps, Private Internet Access will secure your connection and bypass any restrictions.

Why is Private Internet Access a Good Choice for Kodi?

Kodi transforms your PC, smartphone, or tablet into a digital streamer. The problem is when you go to a different country, Kodi's add-ons might stop working. You need a VPN to unblock geo-restrictions and enjoy using Kodi again.

Speaking of VPN, Private Internet Access is a good choice for Kodi. Here are the reasons why:

Unblock Geo-Restrictions

Kodi's add-ons are designed to add more content to your digital library, enable you to watch different formats of videos, translate the foreign language to English, and so much more. However, most of these add-ons are not available outside the US. If you travel to other countries, these add-ons will not work.

Private Internet Access can access geo-blocked content in many countries. It can give you access to your favorite shows in a high-quality version without hassle.

Works With Any Device

Kodi works on various devices and major Operating Systems. Private Internet Access supports the same platforms that work with Kodi. You will not encounter any compatibility issues with Kodi while PIA is on.

High-Level of Protection

Whether you're using a home network or public Wi-Fi, Private Internet Access can always keep you protected. PIA hides your real IP address by replacing it with another one. This security feature prevents anyone from tracking your location and spying on your online activities. It uses AES-256, a powerful cipher, to encrypt your data. This technology turns any data you put online into an unreadable format. Encrypting your traffic prevents any party, including your ISP, from stealing your credentials.


Kodi is an excellent entertainment software. It allows you to download, store, and playback files in high-quality versions. To maximize your streaming experience, you can download Kodi add-ons online.

These add-ons are blocked in other countries. When it happens, you cannot access, play, and watch videos the way you usually do. In this case, using Private Internet Access can come to the rescue. This VPN can bypass government-imposed firewalls to let you install pia in kodi and watch your favorite movies in Kodi. On top of this, PIA's speed is very consistent, running anywhere between 65-75Mbps. With this speed, you can stream movies online with no lags.

If you are looking for a way to access Kodi from anywhere, using Private Internet Access is the way to go. Private Internet Access is Kodi's best buddy; it boosts Kodi's performance while working on its background.

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