is tunnelbear safe to use

When looking for a VPN subscription that will protect your privacy and anonymity, it’s important to weigh in the pros and cons of each provider. Many companies flaunt that they offer safe browsing, a no-log policy, no spam emails, etc., but only a few deliver on these promises. In this article, we will find out what you need to look for in a good VPN service. We will also find out if TunnelBear is safe to use to protect yourself online.

We’ll be covering the following:

What Makes a VPN Safe to Use?

A VPN provides a secure connection to the Internet by encrypting the IP addresses of the websites you visit. It also blocks anyone, including your ISP provider, from retrieving the credentials you encode online.

Do you wonder how telemarketers know your mobile number? Remember signing up for a promo you saw online? That’s probably it. The Internet has a cunning way to convince you to enter your credentials. If you’re not protected, it will store your data then sell it to various companies. That’s when you start receiving unsolicited calls, emails, and friend requests.

A good VPN service will not allow this to happen. In particular, your VPN service must be capable of doing the following:

No IP Address Leaks

A good VPN cloaks your IP address to prevent anyone from tracking your activities. Unfortunately, hackers utilize high-end technologies to penetrate weak shields. Look for a VPN with strong anti-leak capability. One of the easiest ways is to read online reviews to find any feedback on leakage issues.

No Log Policy

We read TunnelBear’s Privacy Policy to know what data they collect and use. While most VPN companies say that they don’t store data, we all know that they do. TunnelBear is very specific in outlining the information it uses to operate its service. Its explanation of why they need to store “minimal” data makes perfect sense.

The web page also explicitly states that they DO NOT collect, store, or log the following:

  • IP addresses of the website visited
  • IP addresses stored before VPN activation
  • DNS Queries while connected
  • Information on the apps, services, or websites used while tunneled to the VPN server

Kill Switch

If you tried looking for “Kill Switch” on the TunnelBear website, nothing will show up. That’s because the company uses the word “Vigilant” to mean “Kill Switch.”

Vigilant automatically disconnects you from the Internet when the VPN network shuts down. You need to reconnect to the VPN again to enter the secure channel. By doing this, no one can access your network without your permission.

The Final Verdict – Is TunnelBear Safe to Use?

TunnelBear is a Toronto-based company with more than 350 servers spread across 22 countries. Since its inception in 2011, there has been no major issue accusing the company of data leaks.

However, we are a bit hesitant because it is a Canadian company, which is a member of the Five Eyes community. Simply put, Five Eye countries inked a cooperation treaty to store and share data for security intelligence purposes.

TunnelBear still collects “minimal” information from its users. However, the company’s privacy policy clarifies where they will be used. The reasons are valid, and it looks like the subscribers have nothing to worry about. Given that the Internet will never become safer, you must make a move to protect yourself online. Subscribing to a VPN service is the easiest way to do this. So, after all our discussion above, is TunnelBear safe to use? Absolutely.

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