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Do you really need a VPN download? Or are VPN providers attempting to scare you with marketing hype? What about the stories of smartphones being hacked or sensitive information stolen?

You’re probably having some of these questions if you’ve never used a VPN. For those who are not technically advanced, choosing a VPN to download is difficult because there are so many factors to consider. 

But don’t worry, in this article, we’ll cover all you need to know plus how to get a VPN working on your device. 

Why Use a VPN App?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It’s a form of technology that ensures your security and stealth when connected to the Internet.  It does so by first, changing your IP address to one that’s supplied by the VPN’s server and encrypting your connection to make it indecipherable to hackers. 

In other words, no one can know who you are when you’re connected to a VPN and any data that you send out or receive cannot be read by third parties. Even your Internet Service Provider will have no inkling of what you’re doing on the Internet. 

The question is, why do you need such secrecy and stealth when you’re just browsing the web?

Prevent Cyberattacks

Despite the assumption that the Internet is generally safe, statistics have proven otherwise. According to Symantec, about 1 in 36 smartphones are installed with high-risk apps in 2018. This can results in malware injection into the units.

Both businesses and consumers are subjected to the brunt of cyber attacks and victims of cybercrime totals $2.7 billion in 2018. The numbers paint a grim picture of how unprepared we are for online threats in their various forms, including hacking. 

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Protect Privacy

Have you ever wondered why the same ads keep popping up on different websites or social media platforms that you’re visiting? The answer lies in the ability of advertisers to track your browsing habits through IP addresses. All search phrases, history, and personal interests are used to build a persona for advertising campaigns.

Advertisers aren’t the only ones doing the snooping. Browsing the Internet without a VPN app also leaves you helpless against government surveillance. Even if you’re living in a fairly open country, you can’t be sure that you’re not monitored without your consent. 

Bypass Geographical Restriction

A VPN app will be useful if you’re visiting countries like China. China practices strict internet censorship that bars Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, and almost any sites tha\\t you’re familiar with. If you’re heading to the country for travel or business, getting a VPN that works in China helps you gain access to those familiar apps and services. 

If you can’t do without the daily fix of Netflix shows, you’ll also want to subscribe to a VPN app. It allows you to access popular Netflix libraries, especially the US and UK. With a VPN, you can also access streaming providers like Hulu or Amazon Prime Videos in countries where they are blocked.

How to Find the Right VPN

Every single VPN claims to offer the fastest connection and tempt you with attractive offers. How do you separate the pedigrees from the pretenders? 

Here’s a quick checklist. 


Upon choosing the VPN to download, remember it should have AES-256 encryption or one that provides the same degree of security. Literally, the AES-256 is unbreakable by hackers. Also, look for the VPNs that are using the OpenVPN or IKEv2 protocol. These protocols are proven to be safe and efficient ways of transferring data on the VPN. 

Avoid VPNs that are known to suffer from IP or DNS leak issues. These flaws will inadvertently expose your IP address even if you’re connected to the server. Also, top-rated VPNs have a built-in kill switch, which disconnects from the Internet should the VPN connection dropped. 


If you’re going to stream movies on a VPN, you need to get one that’s offering unlimited bandwidth. Server performance, particularly in the country you’re connecting to, plays an important role in providing high-speed downloads. 

Some VPNs provide streaming-optimized servers that provide above-average connection speed. 

Strict No Logs Policy

A VPN app shouldn’t be storing information that relates your browsing behavior to personal details in any form. This means it shouldn’t be logging IP addresses, browsing histories, and session duration whenever you connect to a VPN server.

User-Friendly App

There are still VPN apps that are stuck in the past, as far as the user interface is concerned. You’ll need a VPN app that is easy to install and intuitive to use. Most VPN apps allow you to automatically connect to an optimized VPN server with a single touch.

Ditch any VPN downloads that require manual setup.  

Best User-Friendly VPN Apps

PIASurfsharkNordVPN Assguard
Unblocks Netflix US
High-Speed Connections
AES-256 encryption
Number of countries45+ 61+59 50+
No-logs policy
24/7 Customer support
No of devices10Unlimited66
Supports chain VPN connectionsNo✅(Multihop)✅(Double VPN)✅(Double VPN)
Cost (1-month plan)$9.95$11.95$11.95$7.99

How to Download, Install and Use a VPN App

Here’s how you can quickly set up a VPN app on your device. We’re using PrivateInternetAccess (PIA) as an example as it’s been proven to be helpful in bypassing ISP throttling. 

  1. Visit PrivateInternetAccess.com and subscribe to a plan.
  1. Go to its download page and download the app for your device. 
vpn download
  1. Install the VPN app on your device and log in with your credentials. 
  1. Connect to a VPN server and you’ll be securely connected to the Internet. 
vpn download


Considering the threats of cyberattacks, snooping by nosey governments, and the incessant tracking by advertisers, it will be prudent to set up a VPN app. We’ve shown what it takes to identify the right VPN app. 

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