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Watching your favorite movies while lying in bed is possible through the Android TV box. This technology turns your ordinary Android TV into a multimedia center that allows you to access streaming services, surf the Internet, download and use most apps on Google Play Store. To maximize the use of the Android TV box, it needs an internet connection and a TV. When online, your network becomes vulnerable to various security threats. Using a VPN helps address this problem. Let’s check out what’s the best free VPN for Android TV box that you can use today.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the following:

Why Use a VPN with Your Android TV Box?

Android TV box is a device that converts any TV with Android OS into a Smart TV, which allows you to do a variety of entertainment options. Its primary purpose is to let you stream video content from different providers, such as Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc. You can also surf the Internet, download and use apps from Google Play Store, including games. All these functions need an internet connection.

When you use the Internet without protection, you run the risk of exposing yourself to different cyber threats. In countries where the use of the Internet is highly regulated, some websites and apps might be blocked. In these scenarios, using a VPN for Android TV Box makes your connection safe and allows you to circumvent geo-blocked sites.

Best Free VPN for Your Android TV Box

A free VPN for your Android TV box can provide the protection you need at no cost. If you want to test the water first to see how a VPN works, we recommend the following:


ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, a country outside the 14 Eyes Surveillance Alliance. This means that your data traffic, including browsing history, will not be stored and shared with the government intelligence of the 14 Eyes countries. The free service offers unlimited data, no ads, and no logs. Limitations include very few coverages (only three countries) and supports only one device.


The free subscription offers a 2GB data cap which can be increased to 10GB if you sign-up using your email. The speed can go as fast as 30Mbps. Implements no-logs policy and supports P2P traffic for torrenting. Limitations include having ten servers only, 10GB/month data caps, and slow speed.

This VPN offers a data cap of 2GB per month, Kill Switch, no-logs, and supports P2P traffic. It only has three server locations. The main drawback of is its slow connection with minimal coverage.

Why Use a VPN with Your Android TV?

While the Android TV box is a device that you connect to the TV, Android TV is the TV itself that is powered by Android OS. It lets you watch movies, stream audio and video, and download apps from the Google Play store. It enables you to watch stored movies or use pre-installed apps, but the functions are limited when offline. To enjoy the best entertainment functionality, you need to connect to the Internet. Using a VPN with your Android TV keeps the connection safe and prevents throttling by your ISP.

Best Free VPN for Your Android TV

Choose from this list of free VPN for Android TV if you want to access all entertainment sites safely:

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield offers a 500MB daily data allowance, which can be used by five devices. You can use this free VPN in 25 countries. It provides basic protection that you need to keep your connection safe and anonymous. Drawbacks include limited coverage, slow connection, and advertisements.


TunnelBear has more than 1,000 servers spread across 20 countries. The free plan offers 500MB data caps each month. TunnelBear is operated by security leader McAfee, a reputable online protection company. It has a user-friendly interface that works on various platforms.


This free VPN offers generous data caps of up to 10GB per month. If you need more bandwidth, Tweet about the provider and earn 5GB more, or invite a friend to sign-up and earn 1GB for every successful referral. Windscribe strictly implements a no-log policy on your username, password, and browsing history.


Using an Android TV box is an excellent innovation that lets you maximize home entertainment features. By using this device, you can transform your ordinary TV into a Smart TV with additional capabilities. Streaming movies, downloading and using apps, including games, is now possible through the Android TV box.

While online, a free VPN for Android TV box keeps you safe from various cyber threats. In addition to keeping the security and anonymity in check, a VPN allows the Android TV box to bypass geo-restrictions and prevents ISP throttling. If you want to make home entertainment a pleasurable, worry-free experience, use any of our recommended free VPNs for Android box.

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