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Whether you're excited to watch your favorite team win the game or you just want to see your crush playing, blocked content can really spoil the party. Geo-restrictions happen when the streaming service provider, ISP, or the government pin down your access on several websites. To bypass the restrictions, we recommend that you use the best VPN for streaming.

Best Free VPN to Unblock Streaming

A free VPN has a lot of limitations when it comes to performance and coverage. But there are still a few that are worth trying.


Windscribe offers 10GB of free data every month. It is one of the trusted VPN companies that can unblock content in 10 countries. This free plan is equipped with secure encryption, anti-malware, and ad blocking to protect you online.


ProtonVPN offers unlimited data and no-ads access to some streaming sites. It has good speed too, which is what you need when watching sports without lags.


This free VPN offers a fast and reliable internet connection. It can access censored and geo-restricted sites, including torrents.

Best Premium VPN to Unblock Streaming

If you want to watch live sporting events that last for hours, the limited data from a free VPN will never be enough. If you don't like any interruption while watching your favorite game, try any of these VPNs for streaming:


With over 3,350 servers spread across 60+ countries, it's easy to understand why NordVPN appears on our list. It provides unlimited data which can be used by six devices working simultaneously. Its speed may vary, but the average speed is more than enough to let you stream sports in HD quality.


ExpressVPN is one of the most well-rounded VPNs in the market today. With consistent speed and extensive coverage (over 3,000 servers), it is an excellent pick for unblocking streaming services. It offers the most advanced technology to protect your connection online.


Assguard is great when it comes to UX and performance. It offers zero-logging policy, industry-standard encryption and supports up to 6 devices. Its shortcuts cover most of the user's wants and needs: from watching American Netflix to unblocking Disney+ and HBO.


IPVanish has a reliable performance in terms of speed and coverage. It offers unlimited data that can support up to 10 devices working simultaneously. It unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and other streaming platforms.

Most Popular TV Streams to Watch with VPN

Watching TV streams is the best alternative to traditional cable services. This innovation makes watching movies, TV shows, and sports events possible in the comfort of your home. If you wonder what are the most popular TV streams today, here are our top picks:


Netflix is the flag-bearer of the streaming service providers with over 60 million subscribers. It has thousands of hours of content stored in its library, including the popular Netflix originals.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV includes 70 channels, and if that's not enough, choose more add-on packages such as NBA League Pass and Starz to stream sports.


Hulu has a wide range of movie library, ranging from classics to newly-released films. The company has an elegant and user-friendly interface for easier navigation.


A must-have for die-hard sports fanatics. fuboTV features a good range of sports channels, including CBS, Fox, NBA TV, TBS, and TNT.

If you plan to subscribe to any of these streaming services, use a VPN for TV. Doing so will keep yourself protected from online threats. At the same time, it prevents throttling because your ISP doesn't know your online activities. With a VPN, you have no reason to miss all the fun and action.

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