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Most Portuguese citizens are concerned about their safety/privacy over the Internet and for a good reason. According to a Cybersecurity Report by the European Commission, Portugal has the third-highest number of cybersecurity attacks in the EU. It’s not surprising then that even ordinary citizens are taking steps to ensure their safety and privacy over the Internet. This is where the use of the best VPN in Portugal (Virtual Private Network) comes in.

Two questions remain — how exactly does a VPN help with Internet privacy/security, and what are some of your best options out there? In this article, we aim to help you find all the answers to these questions.

Why Use a VPN in Portugal?

You might be wondering why you should use a VPN if you live in Portugal or anywhere for that matter. Here are the top reasons why a VPN should be as important as an anti-malware application.

Remain Anonymous Over The Internet

According to a report by Freedom House (a non-profit organization that conducts studies on democracies, human rights, and political freedom), Portugal is among the freest nations in the world with a global freedom score of 96/100. That said, most citizens maintain a strong desire to keep their online activities private and anonymous. 

Inarguably, the only way to do that is to use a VPN for Portugal to mask your Internet connection through a VPN server. As a result, no personal information (IP address, cookies, location data, etc.) can be tied to your activities on the Internet.

Access Blocked Content Over The Internet

While censorship is not an issue in Portugal, you will find that there are some websites/applications that you can’t access inside the country. One good example is the torrent site called “Pirate Bay”, which was banned by local ISP’s in 2015. If you want to use that popular torrent site, then you will need to use a VPN to bypass those restrictions from inside the country.

The same thing applies to content that is normally not accessible to Portuguese users (e.g., Netflix US). You can use a VPN in Portugal to connect to a US-based VPN server to “trick” Netflix into thinking that you’re using the streaming service from inside the United States.

Stay Safe on the Internet

A VPN encrypts all data from and to your device, making it virtually impossible for hackers to find your details. It’s one of the best ways to keep yourself safe from cyberattacks, especially if you use public wifi spots. 

What Are The Best Options for a VPN in Portugal?


NordVPN is a popular VPN service based in Panama with more than 5,000 VPN servers across 60 countries. Twenty-four of these servers are located in Panama, making it ideal for accessing local content from overseas. The VPN service also comes with a proven no-logs policy and reliable AES 256 encryption (the same type used by governments and financial institutions).


  • Double VPN feature for additional encryption
  • Can protect up to 6 devices all at once
  • Can unblock geo-blocked content from most popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • Headquarters is located in Panama, which is a haven for privacy


ClearVPN is a reasonably new player in the VPN business. While it’s not exactly the biggest VPN service in the market today, it has managed to stand out in one aspect that most other VPN companies tend to overlook — user-friendliness. This makes it easy for beginners to just jump in, even with no prior knowledge about VPNs. It’s one of the best VPN for Portugal because it’s so user-friendly.


  • User-friendly UI with ready-made shortcuts
  • More affordable than most other VPNs ($7.95/month for the annual plan)
  • Fast server speeds
  • One account can be used to secure up to 6 devices


CyberGhost operates one of the largest and fastest VPN networks in the world. They have over 6,000 servers in 90 countries (24 of which are Portuguese servers). While it lacks some more advanced features like Multi-VPN protection, it offers more than enough for average users.  This includes uncrackable AES 256 encryption, a no-logs policy, DNS leak protection, and an automatic kill switch.


  • Simultaneous protection for up to 7 devices
  • Works with popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime
  • Optimized servers for torrenting


ExpressVPN gives you access to more than 3,000 VPN servers from over 90 countries, including Portugal. This makes it a good choice for unblocking geo-blocked websites and content. Their VPN service is also one of the few networks capable of unblocking content from popular streaming services like Netflix.


  • Works with most Internet devices and operating systems — smart TVs, game consoles, PC, Mac, Android, etc.
  • VPN Split tunneling technology lets you set exemptions for website and applications that you trust
  • TrustedServer technology — servers don’t write any data to storage
  • Best-in-Class AES 256 encryption


PrivateVPN is a small VPN company that runs a network of just under 150 servers in 60 countries (including Portugal). However, what PrivateVPN lacks in size, it makes up for quality VPN service. Server speeds are decent and unlocking access to blocked content is one thing that their VPN servers do remarkably well.


  • A free remote setup which can be incredibly helpful for beginners
  • Can be used simultaneously on up to 6 devices
  • AES-256 2048 bit encryption
  • Supports port forwarding for additional network security


IPVanish is unique in that one account can be used to support an unlimited number of Internet devices. Of course, it also helps that their VPN servers are fast and that they have more than 1,500 of them spread across 75+ countries (Portugal included). Hence users can expect access to all the options they need to ensure anonymity and getting around content restrictions.


  • No-logs policy and standard AES 256 data encryption
  • Secure cloud storage (SugarSync) for backing up essential data
  • SOCKS5 web proxy for securing P2P and VOIP connections.

Kill SwitchNone
Fast Speeds
AES-256 encryption
Server counts5404+Unknown6300+3,000+1001000+
Number of countries58+20+901606060
No-logs policy
24/7 Customer support✅ email or LiveChat✅ email or LiveChat✅ email or LiveChat✅ email or LiveChat✅ email or LiveChat✅ email or LiveChat
No of devices66756unlimited
Supports chain VPN connectionsYes (Double VPN)Yes (Double VPN)NoNoNoNo


So there you have it — a good look at your options for the best VPN Portugal! As you may have already realized, there’s no reason to leave your Internet privacy at risk. Not when then you have no shortage of options for a capable VPN service that lets you stay free and anonymous over the Internet.

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