best vpn for online betting

When it comes to online money transactions, privacy, and peace of mind, there's an indispensable tool, not many users are aware of. We're talking about the VPN for online betting — the ultimate choice for protecting your financial data and securing transactions.

Let's lend a helping hand to online sports betting punters wondering which VPN is best for them.

Specific Benefits That VPNs Offer Sports Betting Fans

Before we detail the best VPNs that fans of sports betting can and should use, it is important to get a glimpse of the digital landscape to see what’s allowed, what’s not allowed and the exact benefits a VPN can deliver for you.

Whenever you set about using a VPN to bet on a site based abroad you must do your due diligence about whether you can do so in an efficient manner. For example, a VPN may be able to give you access to a certain site and may even allow you to set up an account. 

However, the last thing you want to happen is to then find that it’s impossible to withdraw your winnings or discover they have been frozen by authorities. With this being a particular grey area for many authorities it’s up to you to make sure you have the correct information before you start placing those bets.

Once you have done your VPN homework, it is worth remembering just why certain VPNs are so vital to you being able to carry out high numbers of online transactions, without being compromised. This is particularly the case if you travel abroad but wish to continue playing on your favorite online site or app. 

Without a VPN, you may find your IP address has been blocked and that any Wi-Fi connection you use might not be stable enough to prevent hackers from accessing your personal and banking details. A VPN can do away with these issues by rerouting your IP to the correct server and also making sure your details are fully encrypted. With that being said, let’s take a look at the top VPNs for secure online betting.

Best VPNs to Go Online Betting


With over 5,000 servers worldwide, Nord VPN is perhaps the most established name in the game of VPN service providers.

Although users have to pay a monthly fee, it does seem worth it for a service that boasts almost zero latency and high levels of online security, which should meet even the most demanding online gambler’s demands.


If you only hop online to play now and again, then it feels like a bit of stretch to go on paying a monthly fee for a VPN.

One of the best free VPN services out there is ProtonVPN, which should have you covered no matter which online betting bonus you find yourself using after work or while tucked up in bed.


These days, more and more online betting sites are more demanding of graphics cards and bandwidths than a first-person shooter is. There are also the live sports feeds many sites now provide, meaning you may want to watch upwards of five or six live feeds at any given time as you bet in-play, meaning even some of the very best VPNs can’t help you avoid that irritating lag and distorted picture quality. 

That is where Assguard comes into its own, boasting that not only does its VPN product have zero latency but that it speeds up the gaming experience as a whole. With a stunning UI/UX, this VPN is a great choice when it comes to online betting.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is not just a cool name, as the product behind it also really stacks up, providing many neat features that other VPN providers are yet to even think of.

They are constantly running promotions for potential customers to take advantage of and are an excellent all-round option for users who want a simple interface combined with the peace of mind that their online security is in trustworthy hands.

Express VPN

Although it is far from the cheapest on this list, it is easy to argue that Express VPN is worth every penny and with a 30-day free trial coming as standard, those gamblers spending multiple hours a day online should seriously consider this VPN’s merits.

Among the features that come with such a high-end package is a no-logs policy so you know your bet browsing and placement will be flying strictly under the radar. There is also highly attentive customer service to hand, which in the world of VPNs is something to be treasured.


Online betting aficionados know care about their security and try to be extra careful about the e-wallets they use and certain territorial restrictions which may affect when and where they can stake bets and collect their winnings. We hope with the aforementioned VPNs, you'll forget about the security issues once and for all.

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