Netflix is known for its vast collection of TV shows and movies. And if you’re not aware, some titles are only exclusive to certain countries. For example, you can’t access popular series like Parks and Recreation, except for Netflix US. If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll need a VPN like PurePVN to bypass the geo-restriction enforced by Netflix. 

But given how Netflix has been notoriously blocking the IP address of VPN servers, it pays to checkout if PurePVN remains an excellent option to unblock Netflix. Therefore, we’ve put on our detective hat and checked out if PureVPN is still up for the job. 

If you’re a keen traveler, you’ll find this guide helpful. Or if you’re living in a different country with a limited Netflix library, you’ll want to learn how to unblock Netflix US and enjoy the titles available.

Why is PureVPN a Good Option to Unblock Netflix?

PurVPN billed itself as the “World’s Fastest VPN Service.” Regardless of whether the statement is true, speed wouldn’t get you anywhere with unblocking Netflix. 

Netflix, being a major streaming provider, is zealous in keeping VPN providers from connecting to its servers. Due to copyright and exclusivity issues, the streaming giant has varying media libraries in different countries.

Even Netflix US and Netflix UK, having two of the largest libraries, do not have the same list of content. And based on the IP address of your device, you may be barred from accessing Netflix US or UK. 

A VPN should be a foolproof way to unblock Netflix by virtue of its ability to cloak the IP address of devices and replacing them with those of the VPN servers

Well, not anymore. 

Since Netflix stepped up its effort to keep VPNs hands off its servers, many subscribers have been grumbling about getting blocked off when trying to stream their favorite movies. 

It’s now essential to ascertain if a VPN is Netflix-friendly before inspecting other aspects that make a VPN ideal for unblocking Netflix. 

Check out how PureVPN fares in various factors that are essential for Netflix access. 

Does PureVPN Work With Netflix

PureVPN is dedicated to Netflix access. The website has a convincing page that states that using PureVPN is the answer to getting unprecedented access to all the movies from Netflix US. 

To find out if the page is not outdated, we started a conversation with the Live Chat support and here’s the answer:

As you can see, PureVPN still meets the fundamental requirement of being a Netflix-friendly VPN. 

But gaining access to a Netflix connection isn’t enough to guarantee a satisfying streaming experience, which brings us to the next factor.


Speed is essential to a great Netflix streaming experience, and having a VPN with miserable connection speed robs the joy out of watching your favorite movie. It’s unbearable waiting for movies to buffer as you are gripped with suspense.

Thankfully, PureVPN isn’t such a kill-joy.

You can expect a considerably pleasant Netflix experience on PureVPN as it has dedicated servers for high-speed streaming. These streaming servers means there won’t be any buffering and awkward gaps punctuating your favorite show. 

VPN Servers

When using a VPN, for the sake of anonymity and security, your device connects to one of the many servers in a VPN network before accessing the Internet. 

Now, does the number of VPN servers matter? 

While various factors could influence server performance, it’s logical to assume that having an excessive number of users crowding into a single server will reduce connection speed.

Thankfully, PureVPN boasts over 2,000 servers in more than 140 countries. This means traffic is spread out, and there is a lesser chance of overcrowding at the streaming-dedicated servers. 


You wouldn’t want someone peering over your shoulder while you’re watching Netflix. That’s basically a subtle breach of your privacy, particularly when you’re traveling.

But if privacy is a major concern for you, then you need to worry about digital peeping by hackers and government agencies. PureVPN, besides being a Netflix-friendly VPN, also helps keep your device safe from nosey and malicious parties.

PureVPN protects your device against DNS leaks, which would otherwise expose your location to potential attackers. It also employs industrial grade encryption to keep data exchange secure even if intercepted. 

User-Friendly App

The last thing you’ll want is a VPN that takes ages to set up, much less connecting to a Netflix-friendly server. 

PureVPN is as simple you can get for a feature-packed VPN that allows you to watch Netflix to your heart’s content. 

Setting up takes a couple of minutes, and you’ll get a dashboard with clear navigations. It only takes a few clicks to connect to a Netflix-friendly server on PureVPN.

How to Unblock Netflix With PureVPN

It’s frustrating when you can’t access Netflix US even when you’ve keyed in the correct URL. When you’re in a different country, if Netflix is available in that country, it will automatically divert you to the local site.

By subscribing to PureVPN, you can effortlessly access Netflix US, regardless of where you’re traveling to. 

Note that PureVPN doesn’t have a free plan, but you’ll enjoy 31-day money-back guarantee protection when you sign up to any of its plans. 

Step-by-Step Guide for Windows

Follow these steps to download PureVPN and start unblocking Netflix.

1. Launch your browser and get on to PureVPN’s homepage. Click Pricing on the menu to access available plans.

purevpn homepage

2. Choose the right VPN plan for you. They are all backed by the 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee policy.

purevpn pricing

3. Select your payment method and complete the transaction.

purevpn payment method

4. You’ll be directed to a setup screen. Choose Stream when prompted.

purevpn choose purpose

5. Download the right PureVPN client app for the platform you’re using. In this case, we chose PureVPN for Windows.

download purevpn windows

6. You’ll be given your setup credentials for the PureVPN installation. Complete the installation process.

purevpn installation setup credentials

7. Launch PureVPN and click Login.

purevpn login

8. Use the credentials given to log in to PureVPN. At the mode select screen, choose Stream.

purevpn stream mode

9. Search for the United States in the VPN server list. Click on the listed server to connect.

purevpn choose united states servers

10. Wait for the connection to be established. You’ll get the following screen when you’re connected.

purevpn screen when connected

11. Once connected, key in in your browser and you’ll be able to access Netflix US.

12. You now have unhindered access to Netflix US. The entire library of TV shows and movies are now accessible as you’ve managed to bypass the geo-restriction with PureVPN. With PureVPN you'll never have your Netflix blocked.


It’s annoying when you have to miss your favorite series on Netflix when you travel. And when Netflix has blocked most of the VPNs available, finding the right one that allows access to the streaming giant is a pain. 

Thankfully, we’ve found that PureVPN is more than capable of allowing you unhindered access to Netflix US regardless of where you are. PureVPN is the perfect travel companion to have if you can’t go without your regular dose of entertainment. 

With fast streaming servers and a 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee, it only makes sense if you sign up for PureVPN and get that Netflix access.

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