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There are various video streaming sites that cater to specific demographics. ClipMega (formerly YouPak) is an alternative to YouTube that is a hit with Pakistan citizens. If you’re accustomed to using ClipMega, this guide will help you watch ClipMega unblocked in some countries.  

The Internet isn’t as unrestrictive as it is in every part of the world. In 2012, YouTube was blocked in Pakistan due to a controversial video. Different governments practice their respective policies for internet censorship. As such, it isn’t surprising if you find that ClipMega is blocked when travelling to certain countries.

What’s ClipMega?

ClipMega, formerly YouPak, is basically a Pakistani version of YouTube. While ClipMega isn’t as sophisticated as the latter, it has a decent collection of videos to attract a large amount of viewership.

Like YouTube, you’ll find various categories of videos on ClipMega. The videos aren’t limited to Pakistani content and also includes documentaries, animes, technologies, sports, and other categories you’ll usually find on YouTube. 

The site features a user-friendly interface that allows users to browse and play videos easily. Streaming quality is also decent as there are no apparent lags when watching videos on ClipMega. 

Besides streaming and downloading videos, users can create their own channels and upload videos onto the site. As an alternative to YouTube, ClipMega is keeping it simple while maintaining critical features.

Why Is ClipMega Blocked In Some Countries?

Just like the old YouPak domain, ClipMega may be blocked in some countries. As mentioned, some countries practice highly-restrictive internet censorship. The ISPs in such countries detect the IP address of the users and block local connections to ClipMega.

There are also occasions where colleges and workplaces ban the access of entertainment sites from its server. While such a move may be justified, users may be disgruntled as they can’t wind down by accessing ClipMega during their break. 

Can You Watch ClipMega With Proxy Servers?

Proxy servers are usually effective in bypassing geo-restricted websites. They are gateways or “middlemen” that connect your device and the Internet. By using a proxy server, you can mask your IP address with one in another country.

Technically, changing your IP address will let you access ClipMega if it’s currently blocked in your location. However, we don’t recommend using proxy servers for a few reasons.

A proxy server only changes the IP address. It does nothing to hide the information transmitted from the ISP. If you’re in a country that has a harsh penalty on breaching the internet censorship law, you’re putting yourself into unnecessary risks. 

While most proxy servers are free, they generally lack consistency in speed. This means that you’ll probably end up with low connection speed that makes watching the videos on ClipMega unbearable.

Why It’s Better To Use A VPN to Unblock ClipMega

If you’re looking for ways to unblock ClipMega, using a VPN is obviously the better option. A VPN does more than mask your IP address to overcome the geo-restrictive ban. It provides end-to-end encryption to ensure your ISP does not have a chance to be aware of your online activities.

Some VPNs are also developed with features that ensure the ISP is in the dark with the fact that you’re using a VPN. It’s a feature that is essential to protect your privacy and safety when you’re watching ClipMega in a country with strict internet censorship. 

The best VPNs also offer unlimited bandwidth for streaming, and you’ll enjoy high-speed connections from the VPN servers. This allows you to watch ClipMega videos in high resolution without the frustrating buffering issues. 

A good VPN typically has a clear no-logging policy, as compared to proxy servers. If you value your privacy, you’ll want to be assured that none of your browsing activities are tracked by third parties, including proxies or VPNs. 

Proxy Servers vs VPN — What's the Difference?

From what was mentioned above, it may be unclear to you that there is a difference between proxy servers and VPN (Virtual Private Networks). While both can help you get access to Clipmega unblocked, there is a difference between the two that is well worth emphasizing.

Proxy Servers are generally employed when an individual has to access the Internet via another person's connection or computer. It makes requests in your place, hence giving you privacy. You can think of proxy servers as a middle man — changing your IP address to access Clipmega even if it is blocked or not normally available in your region.

However, proxy servers do not offer encryption as VPNs do. This means that although you might stay anonymous, anyone with enough technical knowledge can still monitor your activity and have access to your data packets being sent out from the browser.

On the other hand, VPNs are considered to be more secure because they encrypt your data packets, thus providing you with privacy and anonymity, but certainly a step up above proxy servers.

How to Watch ClipMega Planet of Entertainment Unblocked

You don’t want to be taken by surprise and find that you lose access to ClipMega in certain locations. There are a couple of methods that will ensure you can continue to watch ClipMega even with a restrictive firewall. 

1. Pre-Download The Video

If you’re heading to the workplace where streaming sites like ClipMega are blocked, you can download the videos at home. ClipMega has a free download feature that allows you to download the MP4 format of the video.

When you click on a video, look out for the text that says “Click here to Download this video.” You’ll have the option to download the video in 360P or 720P format. 

2. Use A VPN

Obviously, it’ll be tedious to download dozens of videos if you’re traveling to a country where ClipMega is blocked. In such a situation, you’ll need to use a VPN. 

One of the top VPNs that unblocks ClipMega is ExpressVPN. Install the VPN app before your flight. To bypass the censorship, connect to a VPN server in a country where ClipMega is not blocked.

clipmega unblocked with vpn

As ClipMega is a Pakistani streaming site, connecting to a server in Pakistan will allow you to stream the videos with ease. 

Best VPN to Unblock ClipMega

Streaming-friendly connection speed
AES-256 encryption
Server counts3,000+1,000+5,300+
Number of countries94+ 61+59 
No-logs policy
24/7 Customer support
No of devices5Unlimited6
Supports chain VPN connectionsNoYes (Multihop)Yes (Double VPN)


You don’t need to give up binge-watching ClipMega videos irrespective of where you are. We believe in freedom of internet access and have shown you a couple of ways to unblock ClipMega.

Sign up for a VPN right now and start streaming ClipMega without worries. 

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