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When it comes to virus protection, many believe that Macs are perfectly fine without anti-malware software. But the number of security threats rises, and although built-in macOS security tools are meant to protect, they have their own vulnerabilities giving viruses a green sign.

There are a bunch of anti-malware options for Macs to choose from. Today we’re going to talk about the Malware Removal utility, which is part of CleanMyMac X.

A quick & easy-to-use anti-malware software for Mac

CleanMyMac X is one of the pioneers of Mac cleaning. The app became wildly popular as an all-in-one software that clears all kinds of digital junk and optimizes your computer.

The Malware Removal module is a very helpful addition to what is already a handy tool for your Mac. The feature identifies and removes every piece of malware that can bother you: adware, botnets, worms, viruses, keyloggers, spyware, and more. 

Its quick navigation and beautiful design are the first things to catch the eye. CleanMyMac X design combines simplicity with the modern look to create a user-friendly and visually attractive anti-malware software. 

malware removal CleanMyMAc X

You may notice that no matter which feature or module you use, there’s one squircle-shaped button that walks you through every process: it makes it super easy to navigate the app. 

There’s no more effortless way of protecting your computer from viruses. CleanMyMac X doesn’t offer lengthy explanations and confusing functionality. Everything is straightforward: there’s a brief description of every process and one single button to press. 

Excellent malware detection

If you want to run a quick scan of your Mac, Smart Scan is the place to start. Smart Scan is a fast checkup that does a lot: detects junk, determines potential threats, and defines suitable maintenance tasks.

anti-malware software

Smart Scan instantly spots threats. It recognizes different types of malware and selects the infected files for removal. You can click Review Details to look at what the scan has found and then press the Run button to clean the system and delete malicious files. 

The anti-malware software runs an in-depth scan, and it’s less quick than the Smart Scan. But it looks for threats more thoroughly checking every folder and file on your computer. 

An up-to-date malware database

Now let’s talk more about how exactly anti-malware software in CleanMyMac X detects malware on your Mac. When scanning your storage, CleanMyMac X compares what it finds with the regularly-updated database of malicious content and spots threats immediately. Then you can just press the Remove button to get rid of any adware or virus that infects your computer.

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Threats Scanning

Thanks to this malware database, CleanMyMac X can identify such common Mac threats as the Bing redirect and Safe Finder virus, and also recognize little-known ones.

Adware protection
Cleaning your system

Real-time malware monitor on CleanMyMac X

Another great feature of CleanMyMac X that makes the app stand out as a powerful anti-malware software is the real-time monitor. It checks everything you install on your Mac and notifies you immediately if something malicious wants to sneak in. 

The real-time monitor is enabled by default. Once you install and launch CleanMyMac X it will start running in the background.

anti-malware software

With a simple click on the Open CleanMyMac button, you’re transferred to the app where you can remove the adware or anything else that’s threatening your safety.

CleanMyMac X also has a handy Menu placed in the Apple menu bar that informs you about changes in your Mac performance and offers quick fixes. The anti-malware software also shows the current status of the real-time malware monitor to help you know whether your computer is protected.

anti-malware software

As I mentioned before, the Malware Removal module comes built-in CleanMyMac X, so you don’t need to purchase it separately. To run your first free scan, download the app here.

Other features 

CleanMyMac X has lots of other features for managing your data and storage and maximizing Mac performance. 

The Privacy feature helps clear all browsing data and control application permissions, while the Maintenance module frees up RAM and runs other useful fixes. Uninstaller helps you manage your applications, and Space Lens builds a virtual map of your storage, providing easy access to all your folders.

Bottom line

CleanMyMac X is a true Mac app of the 21st century: it’s minimalist and easy to use, it’s non-intrusive and safe, and its focus on your privacy and malware protection is exactly what users need. Moreover, it really works. Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons:


  • Identifies all kinds of malware (adware, spyware, keyloggers, worms, etc.)
  • Excellent at detecting and removing threats
  • Quick scanning process
  • Protects you in real-time
  • Beautifully designed & easy to use


  • No quarantine option

In the end, I managed to clear up a lot of storage very quickly and uninstalled a bunch of apps that have been on my laptop probably since the day I bought it. 

The Malware Removal feature deserves the praise: it protects you from different kinds of threats and allows you to remove all of them with just a few clicks. And it doesn’t drain your battery, which is also important.

There is no quarantine for infected files, but the app deletes malicious items the moment it detects it. The real-time malware monitor notified me immediately when the malicious file started downloading. So, you can be sure nothing nasty can get on your Mac without your knowledge.

CleanMyMac X’s Malware Removal is your set-and-forget solution. You don’t need to configure the app or look for infected files on your Mac — CleanMyMac X does all of that automatically. All that’s left for you to do is to press the Remove button. 

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