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For marketers, traffic is king, and Reddit has an ample supply of targeted traffic. Getting access to Reddit ads cuts short the process of mingling with the crowd and drives leads to your campaign immediately. 

However, Reddit ads are blocked in some countries, along with the entire domain. If you’re having trouble accessing Reddit, you’ll be missing out on quality leads. Thankfully, there’s a workaround that can get you to start posting ads in Reddit in no time. 

Bear with us and we’ll guide you on how to unblock Reddit Ads once and for all. 

What is Reddit?

Billed as the “Front page of the Internet,” Reddit is a collection of millions of forum-like communities with high engagement. Each forum is known as subreddits and starts with a prefix “/r.” Basically, any imaginable topic has an active community on Reddit. 

Users can set up an account on Reddit by completing a simple signup form. No fees are involved. Once that’s done, you can start choosing subreddits that you’re interested in and start interacting with other members.

For marketers, Reddit is a powerful platform to get their message or offering across. The site, which is the 6th most popular in the US, has about 330 million active users daily. Each subreddit has its group of members and rules that govern posting and engagement. 

If you’re thinking that dropping a link to your site on Reddit is a cheap way of marketing, you’re wrong. Many of those subreddits frown on link-dropping and will not hesitate to ban your account. If you’re tagged as a constant spammer, you may find that your Reddit account is revoked.

Notable figures like Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates have hosted AMA, or Ask Me Anything sessions on Reddit in the past. This highlights the significance of Reddit as a popular engagement platform for hundreds of millions of users. 

What are Reddit Ads?

You can be a successful marketer at Reddit, but it takes effort to gain trust from the audience and conform to their style and lingo. With Reddit Ads, you can skip the bond-building process and start placing ads that connect to the right audience.

In order to start posting Reddit Ads, you’ll need to sign up for an account. You can set up your campaign with the choice of display or link ads. While display ads are self-explanatory, link ads take up the form of a post that fits between the feed of topics. 

You’ll also have the flexibility to set the amount you’re willing to spend on the ads. Reddit Ads goes by the bidding system where you set an amount per 1000 impressions and a limit that caps the daily spending. 

Why are Reddit Ads Blocked in Some Countries?

The idea of tapping into a highly-engaged community with Reddit Ads is appealing to marketers. However, if you’re in countries like China and Indonesia, you’ll find that you can’t access Reddit Ads. Some governments have instructed the ISPs to block their citizens from accessing Reddit. 

China is notorious for its strict internet censorship. Its curb on websites is mainly driven by political sensitivities. The country zealously guards and blocks information that may deem to create “political instability” amongst the residents.

Indonesia’s block of Reddit, and Reddit Ads, is linked to a tiny portion of subreddits that are dedicated to porn. Its government decided to place a site-wide ban on Reddit to protect its citizens from negative influences. 

How to Access Reddit Ads

Getting blocked from Reddit Ads is a blow to marketers. Thankfully, you can rely on modern technologies to get you past internet firewalls installed by governments. 

A VPN, which has been used to ward off cyberattacks, has proven to be a reliable solution to bypass restrictive firewalls. It allows you to connect to a VPN server in a foreign country and replace the existing IP address on your device. 

For more on IP addresses, read What’s My IP Address and Why Should I Protect It?

For example, if you’re in China, connecting to a VPN server in the US will escape the firewall restriction. This is because connections from your device are now being treated as originating from the US. 

If you live in China, you might like to read: Best VPN to Unblock Apps and Sites in China.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to access Reddit Ads, even if it’s blocked in your country.

1. Subscribe and install a VPN. We’re using PrivateInternetAccess (PIA) as it’s proven to be a reliable provider.

access reddit ads

2. Check your email for the login username and password.

3. Sign in to your VPN app. 

4. Connect to a server in a country where Reddit is accessible. 

access reddit ads

5. Open Reddit Ads on your browser.

6. You can now sign up and start creating your first marketing campaign on Reddit.

Best VPNs to Access Ads on Reddit

Bypassing internet restriction by governments require VPN providers to be actively updating their apps. These are the best VPNs with ongoing efforts in slipping through nation-wide internet firewalls.

PIANordVPN Assguard
Bypass geo-restrictive firewall
High-Speed Connections
AES-256 encryption
Number of countries45+ 59 50+
No-logs policy
24/7 Customer support
No of devices1066
Supports chain VPN connectionsNo✅(Double VPN)✅(Double VPN)
Cost (1-month plan)$9.95$11.95$7.99


No marketers will leave an immense source of traffic from Reddit untapped. If you’re having trouble accessing Reddit Ads, we’ve shown you the steps to unblock it and take your marketing campaign to the next level. Install one of our recommended VPNs today!

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