Hoxx VPN Review [Updated July 2023]

The biggest question why are we going to give Hoxx VPN a review at all. In all fairness, we believe the term proxy better serves the service that Hoxx is offering.

But that’s only a minor concern of this supposedly ultra-fast and simple VPN. It didn’t take us too long before deciding that it isn’t something that we enjoy reviewing at all.

For a start, Hoxx isn’t a true VPN in the strictest sense. Both the browser extensions and Windows program offer basic functionalities to connect to a proxy server in the listed countries. 

You don’t get to choose individual servers in the country or have access to features like split tunneling and the kill switch.

But that’s the least of our worries. Read on and find out what’s wrong with Hoxx VPN.

What Is Hoxx VPN?

Before you get the gritty details, here’s what Hoxx VPN is all about.

  • Hoxx VPN allows you to connect to servers in 50+ locations.
  • It is downloadable for Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

You can use Hoxx VPN for free, although there is a limitation in terms of choice of servers. Signing up to its premium plan allows you full access to servers and speed. 

Upgrading to Hoxx VPN premium is an option. The pricing page says it starts from $1.99 per month but not where it “ends”.

Hoxx VPN Pricing

Hoxx VPN offers a 3-days trial period for the premium plan, where you’ll have access to all features without providing payment details.

If you choose to upgrade to Hoxx Premium (which we don’t think you should), you’ll be protected by a 14-days money-back guarantee policy.

Note that Hoxx VPN Premium isn’t a subscription plan. You will have full access until the premium duration expires. 

Now, don’t be hasty and download Hoxx VPN just because it has a free trial. You may regret your decision if you choose to do so despite getting your money back. 

Hoxx VPN has suffered a bad reputation from disgruntled users and you could end up one of them. We can assure you that your data is at risk when you’re using this VPN. 

Don’t take our word for it though. Trustpilot users have given Hoxx a daunting 2.8 rating (out of 5). VPNRanks rated it 3.1/10. And VPNMentor – 5.3/10. Not the greatest marks you can get. When it comes to using a VPN you expect flawless work, as oftentimes you're risking your privacy and even security.

Hoxx VPN Review – The Pros

Any good VPN will come with a lengthy list of advantages. Sadly, this is not the case with Hoxx VPN.

We had a hard time finding any positives on Hoxx VPN. Here’s the only one that we could think of.

Cheap Pricing And Free VPN

Hoxx VPN offers premium pricing of $1.99 for 1 month. It is a low figure, even when compared to some of the cheapest VPNs in the industry.

Besides that, you could use Hoxx VPN for free and still connect to 18 locations around the world. That’s quite generous for a VPN provider.

Hoxx VPN extension

Hoxx VPN offers a free trial period where you could enjoy premium access for 3 days before deciding if it’s the right VPN for you.

Hoxx VPN – The Cons

Now that we’re done with courtesy let’s get to the bottom of Hoxx VPN, and you may not like it.

1. Unsafe Encryption

Hoxx VPN uses the 4096-bit RSA encryption. It claims that it is a military-grade that prevents malicious attacks on your device. 

Well, the RSA used to be the safest RSA on earth, until it was broken in 2013 using a method called acoustic cryptanalysis. Basically, it involves placing highly-sensitive microphones near a computer.

The fact that Hoxx VPN is not using AES-256 and protocols like OpenVPN or IKEv2 is worrying. These are the modern standards of what a truly secure VPN should have.

Using obsolete, unsafe encryption is a deal-breaker. In fact, it’s so bad that you might as well stop reading this guide right here… Hoxx VPN is not safe. 

But if you’re to read on, be prepared for how things could get worse.

2. WebRTC Leaks

WebRTC is a feature that enables browsers to communicate on a peer-to-peer basis, and exposing its IP address in the process.

When a VPN is not protecting your device’s IP address when the browser is using the WebRTC feature, you’ll have a case of WebRTC leak.

Hoxx VPN suffers from WebRTC leaks, as we’ve tested with browserleaks.com/webrtc.

Hoxx VPN test

Our IP address, which originates from Malaysia, is clearly visible in the test result.

The fix to the WebRTC leak is to install another browser plugin named the WebRTC Leak Shield. You could do so by checking the ‘Prevent WebRTC IP leak’ in the app.

Here’s the result after installing the add-on.

Hoxx VPN IP hide

Still, we don’t think it’s an elegant solution to an apparent flaw in the VPN.

3. Slow VPN Speed

Hoxx VPN boasts that it provides ultra-fast connection speed. Our test results suggest otherwise.

This is our internet connection speed in Malaysia, without a VPN.

We tried connecting to Singapore, a neighboring country, and experience a slight drop in download.

However, the download speed decreases by more than half when we’re connected to the UK.

Download speed in the US isn’t much better, with only marginal improvement.

We understand that using a VPN may decrease the internet speed as the data packet traverse through more intermediate servers. But the figures we’ve got are truly disappointing.

4. No Netflix Support

If you’re hoping to use Hoxx VPN to unblock Netflix, you’re in for a serious let-down.

We tried streaming Daybreak from Netflix UK, US, and Canada. Here’s the all-familiar error message.

Netflix on Hoxx

Judging by what we’ve seen, Hoxx VPN isn’t going to bypass Netflix’s strict restriction soon. If you’re in need of a VPN that unblocks Netflix, try these instead.

5. Torrenting and TOR Are Illegal On Hoxx VPN

It may sound like a joke, but torrenting and TOR are deemed to be illegal by Hoxx VPN. It seems that Hoxx VPN has a tough time differentiating the legality of the platform and how it is being used.

Hoxx VPN torrenting

Still, if you have needs for using torrenting programs safely, check out these VPNs.

6. No Live Chat Support

There are mentions of premium support on Hoxx’s website, but it turned out that you could only reach out for help with the conventional ticket support or sending an email.

Without a live chat system, you could be getting a response in 12 to 24 hours after the ticket submission.

7. Based in the US

Hoxx VPN is based in the US, which is not an ideal country for a VPN provider. The US is part of the 5-Eyes treaty that allows intelligence sharing between the participating countries.

There is a real risk that the law requires Hoxx VPN to handover stored data to the authorities. This could jeopardize the privacy of VPN users like you and me.

8. Shares Logged Data

If there’s anything that greatly turns us off with Hoxx VPN, it’s the fact that the company is logging users' connection data when using its service.

This is explicitly spelled out on its FAQ page.

Proxy logs on Hoxx

It seems that Hoxx VPN is more concerned about its infrastructure than the privacy of the majority of its users.

Also, Hoxx doesn’t hesitate to state that it will gladly cooperate with legal authorities, although the description is quite confusing. 

We strongly discourage you in using Hoxx if you truly value your privacy. 

However, if you’re still curious about this VPN that seems to be ticking all the wrong boxes, here’s how to get it installed on your devices.

How to Install Hoxx VPN on Firefox

1. Got to Hoxx VPN homepage.

2. At the download page, click Download under the Firefox icon.

3. Select Add To Firefox after being directed to the Add-Ons page.

4. Click Add when prompted for permissions.

Mozilla Hoxx VPN extension

5. Once the Hoxx Add-On is installed, choose your preferred language by clicking on the Hoxx icon.

6. Choose Sign-In and create a free account for Hoxx VPN.

How to Install Hoxx VPN on Chrome 

1. Launch the Hoxx VPN homepage on your Chrome browser. Click Download on the menu.

2. On the download page, click Download under the Chrome icon.

3. You’ll be directed to the Chrome Extension Web Store. Select Add to Chrome for the Hoxx VPN proxy.

4. Choose Add Extension when prompted.

Google Chrome Hoxx VPN

5. Click on the Hoxx icon on the browser and choose your language.

6. Sign in or create a free account to use Hoxx VPN on Chrome.

How to Install Hoxx VPN on Android

1.  Launch the Google Play Store and search for ‘hoxx VPN’. Tap on the Install button.

2. Open the Hoxx VPN app after the download is complete. Choose the language and tap Next.

3. Sign in with your credentials or create a free account.

4. You can now connect to Hoxx VPN on your Android device.

Is Hoxx VPN Safe?

If you’re looking for a VPN that keeps you safe on the internet, Hoxx VPN isn’t one you’ll want to trust. 

Hoxx VPN uses an outdated encryption method that has proven to be hackable, and with relative ease. 

It is also an open secret that Hoxx VPN suffers from WebRTC leak, which gives away your IP address. Instead of fixing the app, it introduces another plugin, which non-technical users may overlook.

The fact that Hoxx VPN is based in the US storing connection logs and its commitment to fulfilling legal obligations are red signs that your privacy could be compromised. 

Safety is not a word that goes with Hoxx VPN.


We’ve never been so critical of a VPN, but Hoxx VPN fails to meet the minimum standards we have for a decent VPN. 

Our review has shown that the service generally underperformed from what it’s claimed. Using outdated and hackable encryption creates a false sense of security. The unbearably slow speed and an outright ban on torrenting alienate it from many users. 

But the final blow came in the form of storing connection logs, which Hoxx VPN will gladly turn over to the authority as there seems to be a greater self-interest than those of its users.

Our final verdict?

Better stay away from Hoxx VPN. If you need a trustworthy, functional, and reasonably-priced VPN, check out something else. E.g., ClearVPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN.