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best vpn australia

Australia is not a State that values online anonymity. In fact, recent laws oblige ISPs to log user traffic and data in an effort to control and monitor the ways Australians use the internet. ISPs must now hold onto user logs for up to two years before they are allowed to recycle the space required to store the information. During that window, user data for all unprotected internet users is freely available to government agencies, third party companies, and the ISPs themselves.

Does that sound like something you want to be a part of? Our guess is that it isn’t, but you have very few choices to avoid it. Your best bet is to use a quality VPN service when connecting to the internet in Australia.

Why Use a VPN in Australia?

The reasons to use a VPN in Australia are many. Let’s start with the obvious few. Most people who opt for a VPN in Australia do so for either privacy and anonymity or security and peace of mind. Of course, a healthy mix of the two is also common.


VPNs can help you protect your sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands by encrypting your data from start to finish.

Mask your IP address

VPNs also mask your IP address from servers you connect to by providing a VPN-owned IP instead of yours. Hiding your IP makes it incredibly difficult for hackers, advertisers, Big Data farmers, and government agencies to pinpoint your physical location. This means you get to conduct your business online without a lot of unwanted attention.

Circumvent geographical restrictions and censorship

Another benefit of using a VPN is that they help you get past geographical content restrictions and censorship policies. When you want to watch your favorite sporting event, indulge in country-specific streamed content, or play a game from a region of your choice, a quality VPN service is usually the fastest, cheapest, and simplest way to get what you want.

Best VPN Services to Use in Australia

As you can see, there are numerous reasons for using a VPN in Australia and whether you need one or not is not even debatable. To protect yourself from a host of online threats, while increasing your possibilities for an enjoyable online experience, a VPN is absolutely necessary. The question is, however, which VPN services are the best VPN services to use in Australia?

To answer that, we must look at several criteria:

  • Logging practices
  • Server locations
  • Speed
  • Upload/Download limits
  • Cost
  • Security protocols
  • Special features (i.e. VPN over TOR, Double VPN, Kill Switch, DNS and IP leak prevention, etc.)
  • Ease of use

Each VPN service provides a different experience, and to choose the best VPN for your needs largely depends on how you intend to use your Australian VPN service and what your plan for the service happens to be.

Here are our Best VPN services for Australia:


PrivateVPN is always a top choice when it comes to the quality of service and cost. As one of the most cost-effective VPN options on the market, it is also one of the most feature-rich.

PrivateVPN can be used on any device, including Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Mac. The company is based out of Sweden, a country that does not require VPN services to log customer data, and there are servers in more than 50 countries. That means you can access content from anywhere in the world, no matter where you happen to be.

The encryption used is also top-notch, so you’ll never have to worry about your data getting compromised while you are connected to PrivateVPN. Another reason to choose PrivateVPN is that it unblocks Netflix and iPlayer with ease. With plans starting as low as $2 per month, it’s no wonder why this VPN service has become so popular.


VyprVPN is another fan favorite that promises to keep you and your browsing activity safe and sound. This VPN service has a zero-logs policy which always a good thing to see.

The company is based out of Switzerland and has servers located in more than 70 countries, worldwide. VyprVPN can be installed on virtually any type of device, be it a desktop, router, or mobile. VyprVPN uses the OpenVPN protocol so it can even be installed using third-party software.

Other features offered by VyprVPN include a Kill Switch, protection against DNS leaks, and the ability to connect to P2P networks. With industry-leading encryption and a vast network of servers owned by VyprVPN itself, data is always safe, and speeds are always blazing fast. For $5 per month, you get quite a lot for your money.


One of the highest-rated VPN services on our list is ExpressVPN. Great for torrenting, accessing geographically blocked content from the likes of Netflix and iPlayer, and providing a healthy mix of security tools and features, ExpressVPN premium choice for those who do not like to cut corners when it comes to their online privacy and security.

ExpressVPN allows users to connect every device connected to their network by allowing the VPN to run on a router. The company sells its own pre-configured router for those who want the least amount of hassle when setting up, but they also offer static IPs that can be used on users’ existing routers. The DNS leak prevention, Kill Switch, and Stealth Mode extend the security even further.


Cyberghost is another VPN service that is both affordable and feature-packed. Coming in at less than $3 per month, CyberGhost offers an impressive list of features and services. CyberGhost is one of the more popular VPNs in Australia for torrenting and streaming, thanks to the blazing fast speeds and no-logging policy. CyberGhost is based on OpenVPN and is fully encrypted, allowing users the peace of mind they deserve.

As with the other best VPNs for Australia on this list, CyberGhost has many security features baked right in, included a Kill Switch and excellent IP leak protection.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best VPN for Australia you don’t have to look very far. There are many fantastic options that will give you exactly what you are looking for. Every one of our picks for the best VPN for Australia comes with a complete range of security features, fast connection speeds, ample server locations, the ability to unblock popular streaming sites, and P2P connectivity.

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