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The video games industry has grown tremendously in the last 20 years. With the overabundance of games that get released every year, it's hard to choose the one you want to play. And let's face the truth, it's impossible to play them all. Fortunately, there are plenty of video game review sites to help you pick the right game.

So before you sit on your comfortable gaming chair and turn your computer or console on, check out our list to know what game you want to play.

But how do you know whether it's legitimate? What are the best video game review sites? You'll find the answers below.

Top Video Game Review Sites

Reviews can change your whole point of view in a second, and that's why it's essential to ready only bloggers and journalists who know what they're doing. The following sites have a high opinion in the industry and are respectable among players. 


Formed in 1999 in England, Eurogamer is probably the biggest game review site in Europe. The site unites a large community of gamers, bloggers, journalists, and readers, who prove that this site is legitimate.

Eurogamer is probably the most reliable site when it comes to European releases, and many people consider their reviews to be one of the best and most legitimate. Eurogamer works on a recommendation system in which the reviewer's label games as essential, recommended, and avoid.

This unique system fused with great reviews, allows readers to easily pick the game they want to play or avoid playing the game they wanted to play.


Launched in the same year as Eurogamer, MetaCritic is the site that reviews not only video games, but movies, music, and TV shows as well. But what's so unique about this site that made her be on this list?

The answer is that it's not the review website, per se. You won't find in-depth reviews written by game journalists and bloggers; this site offers something else. It aggregates reviews and ratings from various websites, and then it weights the score on a 0-100 scale

You can easily find the game you're looking for and see the aggregated rating on MetaCritic without having to compare it on various websites. And if you're looking for some detailed reviews, you can read what people who played it got to say in the comments and then compare it with the critics' score. 

MetaCritic is the best site for people who don't want to spend a long time searching for reviews and want to see what game they should or shouldn't play quickly.


Probably the biggest review site that combines video games, TV shows, movies, music, technology, and general media. IGNs' reviews are the most respectable in business, and the site gets together all of the best journalists and bloggers.

IGNs' best of awards is one of the most prestigious, and the site itself has one of the highest website traffic one the internet. IGN is soaked with geek and gaming culture; it's accessible on all devices and has its own YouTube channel.

Their rating works on a scale from 0-10 and combines some of the best reviews on the internet. So if you're looking for a legitimate and reliable source of information on games, you should visit IGN. 


Okay, it's not the gaming review website in the literal meaning, but it has tons of gaming channels. Not all of them are reliable, but some of them can come in handy when you're looking for an honest game review.

Examples of the most respectable game review channels are Angry Joe Show, IGN, Gameranx, or Worth a Buy. YouTube reviews are great when you prefer to see an example of gameplay instead of reading about it. 

YouTube has plenty of channels about games, and not every one of them can be trusted. That's why a good idea would be to read a little bit about them before you turn on the video. See the ratings, reviews, and numbers of channel subscribers. 

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As you can see, there are plenty of things to do before deciding on buying a video game you want. Reading reviews can be helpful, as well as watching an example of gameplay. But you have to make sure that the review you read is legitimate and reliable. 

Also, remember that if you want your knowledge on the game to be better, you ought to check a couple of reviews and compare them. After all, you don't want to spend your money on a game that you won't even enjoy playing.

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