Find the Best VPN for Your OS and Platform

Are you looking for a specific platform VPN? You are not alone. Even a great VPN’s developer might not have an app for your operating system or device, especially if it’s not very popular. In this category, we’ve put together all our articles and Top-5’s about the best VPN for OS of your choice. But before that, let’s find out what a VPN is in the first place.

In a nutshell, it is a service that securely expands your internet experience. It all starts with encryption. A VPN encrypts your web traffic with a high-level protection protocol. After this, nobody can access it. Then it connects your device to an external server, which can be in another country. A VPN routes your traffic through this server, omitting your local Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP only sees the cipher, which they cannot understand. An advanced VPN can also provide access to geo-blocked content by connecting to servers in the countries where this content is reachable.

Your OS should be an essential criterion when choosing a VPN. Look for the one that sure works on your operating system. Whether you are a Mac user, a Windows fan, or even a Linux geek, we have you all covered. Look above, we have VPNs for all your beloved OSs!

In recent years, smartphone users began to adopt VPN technology too. Today they can even outnumber computer VPN users. That’s why we have articles about the best VPNs for Android and iOS. If you don’t want to install a standalone application, we also have articles about Browser VPNs.